New Homes

Working closely with both architects and clients, HAMILTON KNIGHT has helped create many stylish homes in and around Nottinghamshire.

Future requirements for energy saving and reducing carbon emissions are becoming ever more stringent. The company is aware of this and is incorporating the necessary innovations into current projects. HAMILTON KNIGHT built properties have always enjoyed high standards of workmanship and insulation, the company having built many new homes using low energy, timber frame construction.

Not all new homes built by the company have been speculative. We have completed many projects on land owned by clients – where necessary providing demolition services to clear the site.

The change in farming methods made many farm buildings redundant. Over the last few years HAMILTON KNIGHT has helped create over 25 properties of character and has won two awards. Careful selection of materials including many reclaimed from the existing structures or from stocks held by the company. Meeting the more recent insulation standard requirements has meant the covering up of many distinctive features found in these old buildings, however despite these restrictions by building in alternative features character homes can still be created.

Innovation and vision of how the finished project will look is always at the forefront of the directors, the company recently completed the conversion of an unused Chapel and school building. Whilst maintaining the exterior appearance of the properties the interiors were completed in a modern architectural style.

On all our projects HAMILTON KNIGHT work closely with clients, architects and local building inspectors.

Where expertise is not available ‘in-house’ we work closely with a team of reliable specialist contractors for plumbing, electrical, decorating, ceramic tiling and roofing.

NHBC   National Federation of Builders